BACKPACKS FOR KIDS! a non-profit working to help children at the border feel more self-sufficient and comfortable. We pack backpacks with educational and hygienic materials and send them to various shelters.



The yellow bar represents how many backpacks we have sent. The green bar represents our current goal for this year.

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We provide educational and hygiene materials to children from grades k-12 to promote mental and physical health. Educational tools include workbooks at various skill levels and writing materials such as paper and pencils. Arts and crafts materials reduce stress, provide a sense of accomplishment, increase self-esteem, and help with social and emotional developments. Hygiene materials include toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, and hand sanitizer. Additionally, small items that offer comfort and joy in such a difficult environment like snacks and books of encouragement are also provided. We put all of the small items of great help into backpacks not only for storage purposes but also because they represent education and self-sufficiency.



Remember when you were a young child given a backpack for the first time? What feelings do you associate with that moment in time? Joy, excitement, preparedness, confidence, self-sufficiency? Now imagine being a child on the US-Mexico border today with no family, no hope, and no backpack. There are about 2,654 of those children right now in detention and care centers around the border, living only off of their own resilience, strength, and determination. These children at the border are separated from their parents and not receiving proper care, education, and social support. A lack of access to education and care is a pain point for these children because these are basic human rights that they are being denied. This lack of education can lead to health and hygiene issues, gender inequality, and self-esteem issues. These children need their childhood back; after all that they have been through, they deserve a sense of normalcy and hope.

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